The High Priestess:Meanings and Combinations

Upright: Intuition, traditionally associated to women, but which can be found in both sexes.  Wise woman, spiritual advisor, teacher, counsellor. The Unconscious and getting in touch with it. Following hunches, trusting ourselves. Reaching for our inner selves. Asking for advice and help when necessary.

Reversed: Emotional vampire, manipulating person (specially women) False psychic or reader, or simply somebody who uses us for his or her purposes. It can also mean that we aren’t listening enough to our own intuition.

Combinations: Next to the Hierophant, relationship between equals. Next to the Hanged Man, woman who tends to sacrifice too much for the others (dangerously when Hanged Man is reversed) Next to the Four of Swords, time for contemplation. Next to the Devil, a person has problems with his or her deepest desires or ideas.


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